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Running a business often times means your day begins and ends when banks are closed. You need supplies, money for payroll, and cash for payables. You've earned your money, why not get it now?


No need to wait days for checks to clear. Don't worry about borrowing against your credit. Pay your bills on time. Thrifty Check Cashing can cash checks made payable to YOUR business, corporation, partnership, LLC, association, or sole proprietorship. Just stop in to any one of our five neighborhood locations for more information. Or, download the forms you need by clicking the link below. 



Thank you for considering Thrifty Check Cashing for your commercial check cashing needs. Before we can cash any commercial checks for your company, we must first get some information required by the NY State Banking Department. The Banking Department requires that we maintain certain records on file; however, these files are solely for their inspection and will not be shared with any third party.


Please complete all information on the appropriate application, which you can download here or pick up in any of our five stores. Once it is complete and the information has been verified, your account will be set up for cashing your companys checks. Please note that some of the forms will need to be notarized; if you need assistance with notarization, we will be happy to help as we have a Licensed Notary Public on staff.


All checks will be verified with maker and maker's bank at the time of presentation.Thrifty Check Cashing reserves the right to refuse to cash any and all checks.


Again, thank you for choosing Thrifty. We look forward to servicing your personal and business check cashing needs. 

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